Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easy Stripes on Textured Walls

As much as I love a beautiful painted wall in a single color, I also adore the look of painted stripes on walls.  They can be bold or subtle, symmetrical or varied, horizontal or vertical, but done just right, stripes are perfect for creating big impact on a budget.

Designing, measuring, and prepping your space for stripes is difficult enough, but the greatest frustration felt by most is taking the time to paint stripes around a room with textured walls, and then peeling off the tape, only to find uneven lines.

The best way to get a crisp line is to first paint your lighter color on the whole wall and let dry for an appropriate amount of time (or, if you’re painting stripes over an existing paint job, make sure you have the original paint color, at least enough for touch ups.)

Lay out your tape lines, then seal the edges of the tape with your ORIGINAL color using a brush or roller.  Let dry, then paint your contrasting stripe color over that, and remove the tape while the paint is still a bit wet.  Not only will you get a clean stripe, but the only seepage you’ll get is in the original paint color, and should blend in just fine.

Happy striping!

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